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At IMAGO, we take our clients' development and training needs seriously. We are also committed to the harmonious professional growth and development of the image consultancy industry. That is why we believe in working in association with highly credible industry trainers with an amalgamation of complimentary expertise to deliver the best possible training experience to our clients and actively encourage collaborations between the different companies available in the industry.  

Trainer Profiles

Datin Azrene Ahmad

Founder, Director & Master Trainer
Azrene Ahmad, Perunding Imej Malaysia, imago

Dato' Fazley Yaakob

Motivation & Personal Development Trainer, Masterchef Celebrity Malaysia

Senior Trainer
Krystal Henry, Associate Trainer

For a complete list of all the companies and corporate clients that our trainers have worked with, please contact:

Nadiah Ibrahim
Senior Trainer
Master Trainer, Leadership & Management Programmes
Master Trainer, Leadership & Management Programmes
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