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Personal Styling

The key to being confident is feeling confident, which comes from knowing and understanding who you are- your individual personality, your body and your individual style. We are, all of us, unique and different in our own way. It is time to stop huffing about what you don't like about yourself and concentrate on highlighting and embracing the positives in you. Irrespective of who you are and what you do, people will judge you by the image that you convey and therefore, understanding the importance of image perception is key to ensuring personal and professional success. Notice the difference in how people look and react to you by undergoing these different processes and learning key techniques to looking good and standing out for all the right reasons.  

We offer one- to- one/ personal appointments and welcome group bookings. To book an appointment contact us at:

Colour Analysis


Each of us have a unique skin tone, hair and eye colour. Wearing the right colours that harmonise with our personal colouring will make us look younger, healthier, slimmer and and more dynamic giving s an air of excitement and confidence. The wrong colours will have the opposite effect. 

In this session, we help individuals to:

  • discover their own unique blend of colours that harmonise with their own personal colouring
  • learn how to fully utilise the vast range of colours in their personal colour palette
  • build a realistic & interesting capsule wardrobe that is full of colour, the right coloured accessories
  • the best makeup colours for their skin tone 

Body Analysis


Ever wondered why a particular suit looks great on another person but not on you? The key to successful dressing is dressing your shape and not your size. Knowing your body type will help you choose the right styles and proportions that balance and create a flattering silhouette.

In this session we will analyse 4 elements of your body to provide an accurate result:

  • Vertical Proportion
  • Horizontal Proportion
  • Bone Structure, Scale and Height
  • Facial Structure

Understanding these elements together with the results of your colour analysis will ensure that you will be able to make the best decision when buying clothes and accessories. 

Personal Fashion & Style Guide


Some people are born with instinctive style sense and manage to look sensational all the time. Most of us are not so lucky and have to learn from the mistakes they have made over the years. The key to developing personal style is understanding and accepting your body, understanding the difference between fashion, its trends and fads.

Dressing to enhance one's image means to wear clothes that suit your body, your height, your age and most importantly according to the occassion. Couple this with an inherent understanding of your individual personality, grace and poise, you will always feel confident thus, project a confident persona to others.

We are pleased to provide our clients with the added service of a custom made Personal Fashion & Style Guide which lists down in detail each garment, item of clothing and accessories right down to the frames for glasses and types of hats that will suit the client's diagnosed body shape. Learn to highlight your assets and camouflage any less desired areas. This guide will be provided for FREE in PDF format* and its contents explained to our clients in detail to further assist our clients in making the right decisions when choosing an outfit.

*Available in hard copy but the client will have to bear the printing charges

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