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Personal Branding

Traditionally, personal branding and the image of an individual were considered unimportant soft skills fit to be brushed aside. In most ways it is still so in Malaysia. Today, it is a globally accepted notion that the way we act, behave and sound can have an enormous effect on the success or downfall of any person, including ourselves.

When there are tens of millions of talented individuals out there, what makes one talent more special than the rest? It is their brand and the way they market their brand but yet are able to be relatable to the common person. Your “Personal Brand” is what gets you noticed and remembered and affects the way others relate to you and only you. It affects them emotionally to the extent that they wish to work with you and want more from you.

In an ever competing and fast changing world where jobs are hard to come by, one can no longer afford to allow one’s image or that of those around you to let you down. The same principle applies in terms of promotions and better employment opportunitiYou may be the most knowledgeable and most capable person for the post but it all counts for nothing if those around you do not see you as such.

You are a walking advertisement of yourself and it is up to you to make a cohesive statement about who you are, what your principles are, what drives you and where you wish to go in the foreseeable future.

Topics (include but are not limited to):

Module 1: Elements to Building a Personal Brand
Module 2: Clothing Language & First Impressions
Module 3:  Levels of Business Dressing
Module 4: Dressing According to Your Body Type, Colour & Personality
Module 5: Art of Accessorising & Combining Patterns
Module 6: Business & Social Etiquette
Module 7: Body Language As a Form of Communication
and much more.

For a more detailed course outline or to discuss a programme tailored specifically to your company's needs please contact:

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