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THERE are a number of ways that you can get certified as a professional image consultant. The most important thing to do is remember that you wnt to make sure that the certification you receive is valid and is recognised in your country of origin and is internationally recognised and regulated by a body/ association that is reputable.


We have charted for you the main ways to become certified in this simple chart ending with an advanced certification and international recognition with the Association of Image Consultants International. You can find more on the Association of Image Consultants and their certification procedures by visiting OR


We aim at all times to be fair to other professionals and associations. Therefore, for certification and international recognition with the Federation of Image Professionals International, please visit their website,



If you have any further queries in respect of the certification process and how to become an image consultant, contact us at: or



If you would like to train with us to become a Certified Image Consultant NOW, please click HERE.




  1. "I trained with a provider and now that i am pitching for jobs, i am told that my certificate is not recognised by the Malaysian Government or by any regulating Association/Society. What do i do?"



ANSWER: If this has happened to you and you wish to speak to someone on an anonymous basis who can point you in the relevant direction to obtain help or to help you formulate your next steps to professional development, please contact us at Please understand that ethically we cannot comment on any institution or any training provider. We can only furnish you with information that will be of benefit to you and your professional growth.

2.  "I would like to obtain the local certification. Can you help me?"


ANSWER:  Yes, we can help by putting you in touch with an Accredited Centre (Pusat Bertauliah) that conducts image consultant training which will award you either the Diploma in Image Consulting (DKM) or the Advanced Diploma in Skills Malaysia (DLKM) in Image Consulting upon completion of study. This will be the best course of action for you if you have a Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia Level 3 Certificate in any discipline or higher level of qualifications. If you do not have the relevant pre-requisite qualifications and are new to Image Consulting, we will put you in touch with an Accredited Centre that runs a Foundation Course in Image Consultancy.


If you are a practising Consultant looking to obtain the local SKM certification by way of Prior Achievement (melalui kaedah PPT- Penilaian Pencapaian Terdahulu), we can also put you in touch with a centre that can assist you with your application and building of your portfolio. You can contact us via email for such assistance.


Alternatively, you can drop by to Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK), Ministry of Human Resources in Cyberjaya and an officer will be able to assist you.


3.  "I heard that you provide Apprenticeship programmes?


ANSWER: Yes, we are part of an apprenticeship programme where we our experienced and qualified Coaches will be able to provide you "On The Job Training" whilst you pursue your theoretical preparation with an accredited training cente. Do contact us for more information or pay a visit to Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK) where they will be able to provide you with the relevant information.


4. "Can i pursue both the local and international certification at the same time or do i have to proceed to do each qualification step by step?"


ANSWER: Whilst you are pursuing your local SKM qualifications, there is nothing stopping you from pursuing an international qualification in image consultancy at the same time (concurrently). We only advise that you ensure that your international qualification programme is provided by a REPUTABLE company/ provider and it is up to you to do your due dilligence on their reputation. It also helps if there is a professional industry Association (eg. the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) or the Federation of Image Professionals International (FIPI)) that regulates the programme.


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