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An individual's wellbeing begins with a healthy lifestyle- watching how one eats, exercises and maintains oneself . Employee and individual health affects more than just medical costs. A healthy individual or workforce is more productive. Unhealthy lifestyle choices can often lead to chronic diseases, effecting families and organisations in all sorts of ways. Therefore, promoting a healthy lifestyle will encourage individuals to take preventative measures to avoid the beginnings or worsening of an illness and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Motivation is important to an organisation as it puts the human resources of that organisation into action, improves the levels of efficiency of employees, leads to the achievement of the organisation's goals, helps build a friendly employee-organisation relationship and ultimately leads to the stability of the workforce. A good public image in the market rests upon the reputation and goodwill of the company and stability within the workforce contributes highly to this.

From an individual point of view, working blindly without motivation is like driving a car without petrol. A highly motivated individual will help him/her achieve personal goals, have job satisfaction, help in the individual's self development and be a part of a dynamic team within the workplace. This in turns makes the individual a highly effective and much sought after individual/ employee with the capability to contribute to society, the economy and community.

Similarly, team building can help employees and individuals become closer or more cohesive as a group by engaging in exercises which allow them to talk, discuss and explore different ideas effectively in a conducive environment.

These three issues are key in terms of personal development and also workforce/ employee development.


Personal Development: Corporate Wellness & Motivation

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