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Adolescent Grooming & Etiquette

Life is about more than just sitting in a classroom learning and memorising. Life is about experiences, and skills acquired outside the classroom. We prepare our clients for life in the real world from as early as their teenage years.

For example, gone are the days of old when families would sit down together for a proper family meal without any mobile phones interrupting. Traditionally, the etiquette of dining was taught to children from a very young age at these very meals and were developed as they became older. By the time they were well into their adolescent years, these young adults understood the importance of excellent grooming as an indication of good upbringing. They knew how to dress appropriately for each and every occasion/ event. They were able to sit at any table seating arrangement, eating with flawless manners and carry a conversation with guests with the greatest of ease. 

Writing a resume came effortlessly and they understood how to prepare for interviews in terms of appearance. In terms of behaviour and communication, they were well versed in interview etiquette and communication.

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