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Public Programmes

AIRHR2016: Human Resources Conference 2016


Early Bird Registration Offer Ends 31 July 2016

In keeping with our aim to create and promote awareness of Image Consultancy as a serious and recognised profession, the importance of image and its bearing on an individual's/ company's successful reputation, new developments in knowledge theory and technology, IMAGO hosts a series of Public Programmes throughout the year. 


If you wish to attend as a participant, engage us to provide the following series of short programmes in your region, or simply wish to collaborate with us, simply click on the relevant registration links or please make your enquiries at




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Series II

4-5 November 2014

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20 & 21 October 2014

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25 & 26 November 2014

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Business Plan, Public Programme, program awam, Image Consultant, Malaysia, Perunding Imej, Seminar
Ability, Possibility & Profitability

Today, in this fiercely competitive world, your knowledge, tools & products will give you the extra edge that will make the difference between your business and others. Expand your horizon by improving your Ability to sell your services, enhance the Possibilities of success and increase your Profitability by adding additional services to maximize every client sale.

The aim of this training is to share with our trade secrets, the tools and tactics that make a difference to build a successful business. You will learn new, easy and straightforward methodologies that will take the guesswork out and ensure your clients get the maximum benefit from your services. Additionally you will be inspired, empowered and have the ability to up sell and cross sell new and existing services. This training will help you grow your business to new horizons and beyond.  

Image Consultant, Perunding Imej, Malaysia, Public Programme, Program Awam, High Definition Makeup, Airbrush Makeup certified training, kursus
Image Excellence & Wellness:
Pave Your Way to Ultimate Professional & Personal Empowerment


  1. 2 Steps to Looking Slimmer, Younger & Healthier

  2. What They Did Not Teach You in School: Basic Guide to Etiquette

  3. Think Food, Know Food & Cook Smart: The Healthy Eating Guide for Healthy Eaters (Live Cooking Demo)

  4. High Definition Makeup: Developments in Technology, Its Relevance, Product Knowledge & Airbrush Makeup Techniques (Live Makeup Demo)


NEXT SEMINARplease enquire for further details & dates

Business Plan, Public Programme, program awam, Image Consultant, Malaysia, Perunding Imej, Seminar
Don't Just Be Another Brick In the Wall
Graduate/ Young Adults: Employability Intelligence

This programme is aimed at empowering the youth of today with the essential knowledge of personal branding, positive impressions, communications and behaviour (in terms of social & professional etiquette) so that they have an edge over other competitors in their field upon graduation. They can then enter the workforce with confidence in their abilities and their potential employers will be able to see the beyond the 'preconstructed resume", find that diamond in the rough and gage the REAL value that these candidates have to offer. 


However, it doesn't just start upon graduation. Training needs to start from when these young adults are in their teens to adjust their mindset and think out of the box instead of regurgitating, to understand the importance of dressing, behaving and communicating effectively.




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