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Image Consultant Malaysia, Perunding Imej


"The Art of Positive First Impression is the effortless execution of three components- Appearance, Behaviour & Communication. Master these three elements, and the world lies at your feet. Virtually anything becomes a possible reality."

- Azrene Ahmad

(Founder & Principal Trainer, IMAGO Consultancy & Training)

Corporate Image Training

A corporation or organisation’s image can either be its greatest asset or its downfall. Globally, large companies are beginning to realise this fact and are investing vast amounts of effort, time and money in respect of corporate branding and reputation building. 

An impression is a mark that is left upon a surface when something is pressed upon it. In human terms, people walk away with a photo that is imprinted and filed away in their brain as to how another person or organisation has affected them emotionally when they first meet that person or organisation. This then affects whether they wish to continue to build a relationship with a person, organisation or corporate entity.

Successful corporate branding extends far beyond a logo, any other marketing tool, a good product or service. It also involves the positive influence that a professional image portrayed by employees has on members of the public as to whether an organisation is capable of providing a desirable and trustworthy service or product which in turn leads to building a prestigious brand name that lasts.

Therefore, a significant amount of effort has to be concentrated on ensuring that a company's employees understand the brand that they are portraying as a company (its values, vision & mission) and live up to the company’s good-name in terms of appearance, behavior and the cohesive communication of the company’s brand. This is achieved by taking a step back and allowing their employees to be trained in respect of how they come across to the company’s clients, customers and/or service providers.

Topics include (but not limited to):

Module 1: The Power of Professional Image & First Impressions

Module 2: Business Dresscode

Module 3: Building a Credible Business Wardrobe With Colour & Personal Style

Module 4: Business Etiquette & Communication

Module 5: Business Body Language, Poise & Deportment

Module 6: Business & Social Dining Etiquette

Module 7: Corporate Grooming, Personal Hygiene, Business Makeup

For a more detailed course outline or to discuss a programme tailored specifically to your company's needs please contact:


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