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Why Be an Image Consultant

What Is Image Consultancy & What Does An Image Consultant Do?

"Image" is derived from the Latin word, "Imago". It is defined as a dent or an impression made upon a particular surface. In human terms, this means to make an impression on a person's perception of themselves or of another based on the playing of physical, motor and emotional senses that ultimately leads them to have a mental picture of themselves or of another person. This impression or picture can be either positive or negative.


Image Consultants work with a person or entity's appearance, their behaviour and communication to empower them with the skills needed to

create a positive impression of themselves first by instilling self-confidence and self assurance which then transmits itself to others that they come into contact and interact with be it in a personal or professional capacity. 


Getting up in the morning and getting paid to help others look good and feel better about themselves, giving them a road to self esteem is a rewarding career. Helping SMEs and companies in the corporate sector achieve success in terms of employee training, relations and provide the very best in customer sevice/ satisfaction is a noble career.

If you are an individual who enjoys interacting, working with and helping others then this would be the ideal career for you!


The jobscope and professional positions that can be satisfied by a Certified & Accredited Image Consultant is immensely vast to the point of being almost limitless. Consultants have the flexibility to choose which niche area they wish to concentrate in or even offer a range of services to their clients as a complete package. Here are just some of the professions and/ services that Certified & Accredited Image Consultants have found themselves able to deliver & commit to:


  • Fashion Stylist (Men & Women)

  • Brand Spokesperson/ Ambassador

  • Warbrobe Management

  • Corporate Trainer

  • Corporate Branding

  • Corporate Communications & Social Media Marketing Specialist

  • Personal stylist to Politicians

  • Columnist

  • Men's Fashion Designer

  • Women's Fashion Designer

  • Personal Shopper

  • Production/ Photoshoot Coordinator & Theme Wardrobe Specialist

  • Etiquette Consultant

  • Protocol Consultant

  • Professional Makeup Artist & Body Art

  • Professional HairStylist & Colour Technician

  • Nail Technician

  • Fashion Show & Runway Coordinator

  • Hijab Designer & Stylist

  • Bridal House Services

  • Interior Designer

  • Master Trainer on a TTT programme that is recognised by the Malaysian Government (with an Accredited Training Centre offering certification by Department of Skills Development, Ministry of Human Resources)

  • Master Trainer on an International TTT programme that is recognised, accredited & certified by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) 


As you can see, the career opportunities are wide and every consultant will be able to find their niche in such a wide market. There is always room for a fully qualified, Certified & Accredited Image Consultant. All that is needed is the right person to train you, the right up- to- date training programme and mentor for you at a state of the art training facility to cater to every hands-on training needs that you have with access to the very best products available in the market to allow you to hone and practice your craft. 




1) We offer training programmes that are GUARANTEED to be certified & accredited internationally by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) with modules that carry a minimum of 1.2 Continued Education Units (CEUs) through ByFERIAL Image Consultants Training, Sydney, Australia.


2) We are the only facility in Malaysia that teaches the famous 4x4 Colour Analysis System developed by Ferial Youakim, AICI CIP and the Colour Analysis course is taught exclusively by her. 


3) Our training is sought after worldwide. ByFERIAL has student intakes from Dubai, Florida and Sydney all year round. You can choose where you want to take up your course.


4) Our Training Manuals are Up-To- Date, our teaching methods contemporary and we use state of the art tools & products that are relevant in today's industries and skills elated professions. These tools and products are included in your training fees so there are no hidden costs.


5) We offer our graduates who have demonstrated the maturity and dedication required to become a top Industry Trainer the opportunity to become a ByFERIAL Certified Master Trainer who can first train at Headquarters and when they feel they are ready to branch out on their own, open up their own ByFERIAL Taining centre following approval from the Principal, Mrs Ferial Youakim.


6) Our training prices for internationally recognised certification are competitive, reasonable & value for money in comparison to other providers. 


7) We give our participants and graduates support following completion of their course. They can make an appointment to meet with our Princpal Trainer and use the facilities for their training, support and update needs.


8) Participants and graduates can choose to have further online training, support, access to advice and further guidance in addition to the opportunity to network with other practitioners and trainers in the industry (national & international) by becoming a member of the Empower Network. Memers of the Empower Network also enjoy discounts on tools and products of up to 30%. 


9) Graduates are eligible for 50% discount to attend refresher courses should they feel the need to update their knowledge of a particular module which is crucial when it comes to keeping abreast with the latest developments and technology advancements within the industry.


10) Members of the Association of Image Consultants who need to replenish their required CEU points essential for certification maintenance or even those considering applying for certification by way of international recognition by AICI (First Level Certification, Certified Image Professional or Certified Image Master) can elect to participate in the training programme in the assurance that the progrmme that they are following is certified & accredited by AICI International.


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