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Dato' Fazley Yaakob

Director, Motivation & Personal Development Trainer, Masterchef Celebrity Malaysia

Dato' Fazley started his training career early in his life. At the tender age of 17, he started giving motivation talks to youth and adolescents in schools before he left for New Zealand to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Commerce & Administration with a full scholarship from Renong Group (now UEM). Whilst a student, he started honing his leadership and organisation skills by organising New Zealand's first Malaysian ASEAN Festival in 2000, in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Wellington City Council, the efforts of his success saw him receive a special recognition award from the Victoria University of Wellington.

He left Renong Group to pursue a career in hospitality and event management when he joined the family business, Putrade Property Management which managed the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), Malaysia's renowned trade, exhibition and convention centre. In his capacity as Executive Director of PWTC, he maintained and oversaw the facilities and logistics during the 2003 Conference of Non-Aligned Countries, attended by Heads of State from nearly 120 countries. He also assisted in the preparation of the 10th National Conference of Islamic Countries (OIC) 2003 which took place in Putrajaya International Convention Centre. He was instrumental in bringing international  recognition to Malaysian Pop Diva, Dato' Siti Nurhaliza when he single-handedly organised "Siti Nurhaliza in Concert" at the Royal Albert Hall in 2005 for which the songstress received many accolades, furthered her national career and indeed led to her being bestowed a Royal of Recognition from the Malaysian State of Pahang which carries the title "Dato'". Whilst juggling his various numerous corporate duties, he still found the time to pursue the 2 things that remained close to his heart: his passion for the Arts and his desire to assist individuals in their quest for personal growth and development.


From the year 2002 until the present, he travels across Peninsula Malaysia, Borneo (Sabah & Sarawak), Singapore, Brunei, and Indonesia as a Speaker and Trainer in the areas of Motivation & Team Building, Self Efficacy & Direction and Wellness which he delivers at conferences, the government sector, the corporate sector and the education sector which covers adults, adolescents and children. Many children who have benefitted from his programmes have now gone on to become successful individuals gaining employment in key roles across different industries and those who were deemed by schools deserving of special attention in terms of education and disciplinary reform have managed to turn over a new leaf and achieve success after success in their education. He is also very often the trainer of choice for TV programmes and talent shows spread over RTM1, RTM2, Media Prima and Astro. His efforts and tireless contribution as a trainer was recognised when he was awarded 4 consecutive Royal Recognitions from four different Malaysian States: Ahli Mahkota Kedah (A.M.K) from the State of Kedah, Ahli Darjah Kinabalu (A.D.K) from the State of Sabah, Darjah Seri Melaka (D.S.M) from the State of Melaka and recently, Darjah Indera Mahkota Pahang (D.I.M.P) from the State of Pahang in 2011 which carries the title "Dato'". He is currently pursuing a PhD in Psychology at a prestigious university in Malaysia.


As an award winning artist in his own right, Dato' Fazley has five albums to his name with hits such as "Asmara Ini", "Kerna Asmara" and "Maaf Ku Mencintaimu". He is also an accomplished composer and lyricist for local artists. His passion for music has also led him to branch into the area of talent management, managing artists from Malaysia and Singapore. As an actor, he has notched up lead and supporting roles in films such as "Janji Diana" (Skop Productions), "Gerak Khas the Movie 11" (Skop Productions) and "Gila Bola" (Nizarman Productions) as well as long running drama, "Sembilu Kasih". He is also a TV host for shows such as "Suara Siswa" (RTM 1), "Kaliber" (RTM 1), "Ritma Menara (Kementerian Penerangan)" (RTM1), "Aksesori" (RTM 1),  "Apa Kata (Kementerian Pengguna)" (RTM 2), "Breakaway Destinasi (Kementerian Pelancongan)" (TV3) and "3 Hari 2 Malam" (TV9). In his capacity as a writer, he has three motivation books under his belt, "Cerita Paji" (2006), "Motivasi Santai #Cinta" (2011) and "Motivasi Santai #Harian" and has contributed in local newspapers and magazines such as Utusan Malaysia and Majalah Remaja. He was also the ambassador for Cadbury Chocolates, Besta- Electronic Dictionary, Carrefour. As a producer, Dato' Fazley produces corporate videos, music videos and TV programmes of high calibre for a number of corporate giants, recording artists and members of the entertasinment industry.

In 2012, Dato' Fazley was invited to be a contestant in Masterchef Celebrity Malaysia (Season 1) which he won after successfully defeating accomplished celebrity contestants, the proceeds of winnings from the show donated to the Malaysian Heart Foundation. The show has opened up a new road in his career that he never thought would ever be possible- that of a Chef. He now also travels locally and internationally to conduct cooking demonstrations in his capacity of Masterchef Celebrity Malaysia's Champion and as Ambassador for Avon's Chef Products, Avon Mastercook. He has also been accepted into the prestigious institute of culinary arts, Le Cordon Bleu to pursue the Diplome de Commis Patissier. He is also currently the host for "Chef Surprise" (Astro) and Malaysa's TV Talent Show, "Mimpi Ke Bintang" (RTM 2) guest judge for the children's cooking programme, " Chef Cilik (Season 2)" (Astro).

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