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Nadiah Ibrahim

Senior Trainer

Nadiah is a graduate of ByFerial Image Consultants, Australia and runs her own image consultancy company in addition to being an Associate Trainer with Imago Consultancy. A Bachelor of Education (TESL) degree holder from one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Malaysia, the University of Malaya, she has 6 years experience in training and coaching both in a personal and professional capacity.


A preferred consultant for Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) under unit Pembangunan Usahawan MARA, Nadiah has been conducting talks and workshops for entrepreneurs in the area of image, behavior and communication. In addition, she has gained significant experience in corporate training as well as education institutions nationwide.

In her training some of the topics delivered are Colour Analysis and Styling, Body Analysis, Wardrobe Management and much more. Her objective during training sessions is to bring out the potential of being a better person in terms of appearance, behavior and communication that can improve the participants’ quality of life and career in the long run. Having a sincere desire to transform people and help them reach their full potential by developing their unique and individual style, she is a valued partner to individuals and businesses alike.


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