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BAFTA Red Carpet Stunners

Whilst waiting for the children to go to bed last night, i indulged myself in a bit of TV and watched the BAFTAs. So many gorgeous and talentend men & women all packed into one room! Here are my favourite outfits to walk down the carpet.

Lupita's Dior dress was simply divine and befitting of a rising star with its simple lines and old Hollywood glamour yet bold and trendy with its emerald (yes, you wouldn't have guessed it with the lighting here right?) hue contrasting with her deep skin and red of the carpet. Love it!!!!

Whilst i think Cate Blanchett looks stunning and her hair is to die for, i only like the bottom of this dress. The top looks a bit like a t-shirt.

my overall favourite was Angelina Jolie doing a seriously sexy take on the men's tuxedo. All covered up, yet she was the most stunning on the carpet and stole the whole event, in my opinion. She really has stepped up her dressing from rebel to elegant chic in recent years.

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